What Our Clients Have to Say!

“Before I saw your DVD’s on Retrieving Success, taking Shooter to hunt was not fun– for either of us! Now I’ve got him retrieving birds in all type of terrain. He’s my Gold-Plated Gundog of a lifetime.”–J.C., Ashville, NC

C., Ashville, NC

“Brian. I just competed at a local competition where we placed first. They kept asking where my dog was trained. I just smiled. Thanks for everything!”

F.S, Dallas, TX

“On our duck hunt in Ark. this past season, our black lab male sure was outstanding. We were hunting in flooded timber and he was on a portable tree stand. He was steady and made some very hard retrieves. Even the guide was bragging him up back at the lodge. If you ever want a Gold Plated Retriever, take it to Brian, at Gold Plated Gundogs.”

M. C., Michigan

“On our Duck/Goose hunt in Eagle Lake Texas this fall, my 2 year old Yellow Lab made several great retrieves on Snow Geese and Speckle Bellies and Pintail Ducks. This was his first real hunting season. If this is what is to come, I cannot wait till next year. With his training at Gold Plated Gundogs this would never be possible.”

D. F., Atlanta, Georgia

“My Lab was difficult to control out in the field. Your gun dog training techniques taught me how to get him focused and in control.”

B.G, Canton, Georgia