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Learn to Instill Confidence, Enthusiasm & Reliability into your Retriever with Retrieving Success DVDs

Whether struggling with that first year pup or putting the finishing touches on a steady Retriever, Brian has it covered in his Gold-Plated Gundogs Retrieving Success DVD series. Dogs understand actions–not words. Make a commitment to yourself and your prized hunting companion to put in the effort and start getting results! Order any DVD on this page for just $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

Gold-Plated Gundogs Success DVD

Gold-Plated Gundogs Retrieving Success DVD

Gold-Plated Gundogs Retrieving Success is the starting point to teach your dog how to become a Gold-Plated Gundog of a lifetime. Join Brian as he trains Retrievers of various ages, during the height of autumn splendor in Southern Ontario Canada. Here are just some of the concepts you’ll learn in Gold-Plated Gundogs Retrieving Success:

  • Teach your Lab to become the ideal hunting dog companion with this instruction of specialized techniques
  • Learn how to train Retrievers of all ages to make your water dog into the best hunting companion ever
  • Watch this expert demonstrate progressive skill sets starting with Grade School and culminating with College and Gold-Plated status
  • Learn tips on topics such as puppy training and collar conditioning

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Gold-Plated Gundogs Success II DVD

Gold-Plated Gundogs Success II DVD

Retrievers never stop learning, even when they’re Gold-Plated. The award-winning Gold-Plated Gundogs Retrieving Success II is the natural follow-up to the concepts of Gold-Plated Gundogs Retrieving Success and builds on that solid foundation.

Being an avid water fowl hunter, Brian understands how to turn your gun dog into a Gold-Plated Gundog Retriever. Here are just some of the concepts you’ll realize in Retrieving Success II:

  • Steadiness is the key. Learn how to keep your Retriever steady to wing and shot, singles, doubles and multiple bird retrieves
  • Learn advanced training techniques to give you and your dog new retrieving strategies
  • Discover new confidence builders that will extend your dog’s range and strengthen the bond between handler and Retriever
  • Teach your gun dog training techniques that turn out to be true, real-life hunting experiences

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Gold-Plated Gundogs Chesapeake Success DVDGold-Plated Gundogs Chesapeake Success DVD

From its origins as the mighty workhorse of the heavy seas to present-day triumphs in field trial and hunt test, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever has been valued for its endurance, awarded for its intelligence, and treasured for its loyalty. Here are just some of the concepts you’ll see in Chesapeake Success:

  • Watch as some of the finest Chesapeakes alive today take part in this action packed celebration of the breed.
  • Marvel at an impressive cast from young pups to old veteran hunters and see how Brian turns them into titled Champions
  • Witness Brian’s personal training techniques and principles of conditioning as only a Chessie can do
  • Understand what your little brown pup is all about
  • Guest appearance by Bruce Mitchell & his Champion Chesapeakes FC AFC Distagon & Duel AFC Gambler’s Dilwyn Stacked Deck M.H.

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Retrievers Gone Wild DVDRetrievers Gone Wild DVD

With over 10 million retrievers in the U.S.A., Retrievers Gone Wild will make you laugh and warm the hearts of everyone watching. Get ready for some family-friendly fun and entertaining antics from our athletic companions. Look deep into their big brown eyes and feel the love and devotion from our canine family members. Sit back and enjoy these crazy moments captured on film:

  • Dogs do the “darndest” things and Retrievers are the biggest hams around
  • The zany antics of our four-legged friends are featured in this tribute to the breeds we love so much
  • Brian Szczech’s collection of retrieving highlights is doggone proof that Retrievers are cute and just plain fun to watch
  • There cute, their crazy, there our four-legged friends

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