Gold-Plated Gunds Retrieving Success

“Start your new Puppy in his new Gundog Career at Gold-Plated Gundogs” - Brian Szczech

Retrieving Success Program

Hunter Retriever Champion Sage Duck HuntRetrieving Success is Gold-Plated Gundogs’ customized training program designed to fit the temperament of each dog. Retrieving Success was created by Brian Szczech to deliver the highest levels of success, even with dogs washed out by other trainers and considered as “too soft”.

Whether hunting Sea Ducks on the shores of Maine or in the potholes of Nebraska, Brian wants to give you and your retriever the biggest advantage possible. With a solid training program, you will have good hunting experiences and a full game bag!

Gentle Gundog Training methods during morning workoutGentle Methods that Get Solid Results

Some trainers can be hard-handed when it comes to training dogs. They use tough training methods that can take the spirit out of the dog. You can see that in the dog’s reactions and their demeanor. Their personality has changed.

The dogs that I train keep their spirits with tails wagging high. Nothing has changed except they are now obedient and responsive to commands. I give back to the owner the same wonderfully spirited dog they gave me for training.

What Does it Mean to Have a Gold-Plated Gundog?

At Home

Obedience starts at home and in the kennel. My goal is to make the little heathen they drop off become a good citizen–a Gold-Plated Gundog citizen. A Gold-Plated Gundog is a good citizen around the house who you can take anywhere. He is an active part of your life so the dog has to live with you and mind your rules. You don’t live with him in his world.

In the Hunt Field

A Gold-Plated Gundog in the hunt field means filling your game bag faster by finding birds and retrieving birds. Your retriever is the best conservation tool we have. By keeping your retriever well-trained and tuned up, you avoid lost game.

Having a well-trained retriever in the field makes the experience a lot more enjoyable with less work for the duck hunter, the goose hunter and the upland hunter. A Gold-Plated Gundog finds and flushes birds on his own so his owner can spend more time watching for birds, calling ducks and watching for more ducks. Watching the dog work in the field is one of the biggest joys of hunting–for some even the best part of the hunting experience. When the dog is doing his job flushing and retrieving birds, the hunter can do his job better by watching for more game. A lot of people tell me that even if they shoot two ducks all day, watching their companion make a spectacular retrieve makes it all worth it.