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Over 30 Years of Experienced Gundog Retriever Training

Brian Szczech has been training retrievers over the past 30 years. He has the love, knowledge and patience required to make training of retrievers both effective and efficient. He is an active member of the SportDOG Wetland ProStaff.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Five Most Important Questions to Ask
When Choosing a Gundog Trainer

Here at Gold-Plated Gundog Retrieving Success, we think it is very important to get to know your trainer before you send your beloved companion for retriever training. Here are five important questions a professional dog trainer will want you to ask because happy clients will recommend the trainer to fellow hunters.

Question One:
How long have you been training hunting dogs as a fulltime operation?

Gold-Plated Gundogs has been training retrievers and other sporting dog breeds fulltime for over 30 years. This gives us the knowledge through experience in the marsh and field to train you that ‘Gold-Plated Gundog’ of a lifetime.

Question Two:
Does your kennel facility have all state-issued business and training licenses and is your kennel approved by the state where you offer training?

Gold-Plated Gundogs is up-to-date on all licenses and is available for review. We offer your dog a 5-star kennel facility that is inspected annually by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Question Three:
Can we visit your kennel facility before we decide on training with you?

Yes. We welcome all potential clients to visit our state-of-the-art kennel located in Moreland, Georgia to see what a clean, stress-free environment your family member houses in during training. Our kennels are pest treated monthly to keep them bug-free. A stress-free environment creates a happy dog which results in quicker learning and optimum performance while in our care. In my numerous travels throughout my dog career, I have seen way too many amateur and illegal kennels being run. Training your gundog starts at the kennel!

Question Four:
While my Retriever is at your kennel for training, are they covered by any insurance policy?

Yes. Gold-Plated Gundogs carries a mortality policy on each and every animal during their stay here. You’ve invested a lot of money in training fees throughout the years. Your investment must be protected.

Question Five:
What accomplishments have you made throughout your gundog training career?

Gold-Plated Gundogs is home to three UKC-HRC Grand Hunting Retriever Champions that also carry AKC Master Hunter titles. We have 19 UKC-HRC Grand Passes with other clients dogs.

There are many, many Hunter Retriever champions as well. We understand what it takes to make that Gold-Plated Gundog of a Lifetime for a hunt test, a Great Duck Dog for the Marsh or that Upland Hunting Companion. See our champions on the right side of this page.

Professional Retriever Training Accomplishments

Brian Sczech - Gold-Plated Gundog Trainer

  • Owner and trainer of the legendary Grand Hunting Retriever champion, and third all-time historical sire, Super Shooter of Ontario, Canada. United Kennel Club-Hunting Retriever Program #2 sire of all time. Frozen semen available
  • Owner and trainer of Grand Hunting Retriever Champion Super-Shoot’n Chelsea Master Hunter, daughter of the legendary Super Shooter
  • Owner and trainer of Grand Hunting Retriever champion Fly Away Red Zoey Master Hunter. One of the highest titled Chesapeake Bay Retriever females in the gun dog world today
  • Many, many more grand passes along with hunting retriever champion titled dogs giving clients that Gold-Plated Gundog of a Lifetime