Gold-Plated Gundogs Perform at the Atlanta Steeplechase

Kingston, Georgia
April 18, 2014

Brian Szczech and his lovable group of Labrador Retrievers gave a demonstration of their superb gundog hunting skills at the Atlanta Steeplechase on April 18, 2014 in Kingston, Georgia. After the demonstration, the crowd gathered around Brian and his custom-built Jones Dog Trailer to meet the real stars of the show, the champion Labrador Retrievers:

  • California Gunz
  • Electric Lucy
  • Mosby the Great “Boykin Spaniel”
  • Chili Dog
  • Uncle Ed’s Rusty Creek
  • Terrific Toby
  • Sugar Shelby
  • Dee – Dee

All of the retrievers are powered by Purina Pro Plan Sport, a high balanced dog food, providing the looks of an Olympic champion and the energy to finish the day on top of their game. Other major contributors for the successful day were Sportdog, providing training equipment and gear for all of your dog training needs.

Watch for Team Gold Plated Gundogs to perform at next years Atlanta Steeplechase in April 2015!

Gold-Plated Gundogs . . .

Retrieving Success!